There's a military commander in Sudan who wages war on civilians. He commands his men to rape women. As many as possible. It's his way of suppressing the population.

There is a man in Algeria who tortures people. It's his job and he's good at it. He uses a variety of tools including broken glass and a blow torch

An Iranian official is paid to kill people. Including children. He's been known to hang them in public streets.

A western president authorises an illegal detention centre. Here no rule of law applies. Detainees are subjected to sleep deprivation, hooding, forced nudity and simulated drowning.


A man in eastern Europe runs a profitable business selling women as sex slaves. The UK is one of his biggest markets.

All these people are real. They are all going about their business as you read this website. They all want you to carry on undisturbed.

They all share one hope, that you won't register your support for Amnesty International today.

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